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Abyssic - A Winters Tale

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Image of Abyssic - A Winters Tale
  • Image of Abyssic - A Winters Tale

ABYSSIC is based on the project “Abyssic Dreams” founded by Memnock (Susperia), collaborating with Athera (Susperia, Chrome Division) back in 1997. But it was not untill recent years that the fire was lit to make it rise as its own entity. The talented symphonic composer and pianist Andre Aaslie (Gromth / Images of Twilight) approached Memnock regarding the sound of his old project, and together they begun writing music in the spirit of “Abyssic Dreams”.

After recruiting Elvorn (Susperia) on guitar and Asgeir Mickelson (Testament (live), ex-Borknagar, Ihsahn) on drums, they released the debut album “A Winters Tale” on Osmose Productions, February 2016. It has peaked charts in Norway for weeks and received great reviews!

Atmospheric death/doom accompanied by cinematic orchestrations in a seamless mosaic with mellotron and minimoog would describe the sound of this ultra heavy and dark Norwegian band.

Memnock – Vocal, guitar, bass, contrabass (Susperia, Old Man’s Child)
André Aaslie – Keys & Orchestration (Gromth, Funeral, Images At Twilight)
Tjodalv – Drums (Susperia, Gromth, ex-Dimmu Borgir, ex-Old Man’s Child)
Elvorn – Guitar (Susperia)
Makhashanah – Bass (ex-Sirenia)