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Gromth - The Immortal

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Image of Gromth - The Immortal
  • Image of Gromth - The Immortal

Exclusive double digipack!

The debut album from the Norwegian metallers, featuring members from Susperia, Images at twilight, ex-Khold, ex-Dimmu Borgir.

-" This sounds fucking awesome! The orchestral arrangements sounds great and it's obvious you have spent much time on it. I need a moments peace to really enjoy the epicness of what you have done." - (Jonny Maudling - Bal-Sagoth)

- "Gromth makes Rhapsody's style of Hollywood-metal seem like a plastic spoon among razor sharp knives!" - (Bjørn Nørsterud - Scream Magazine, rating 6/6)

01 Rise Destroyer
02 Unknown
03 Remember
04 Killing
05 Enemy
06 Philosopher
07 The Immortal
08 My Mind
09 The Everlasting God
10 Explosive Power
11 I Destroy, Therefore I Am
12 I Leave The Dead Behind
13 Death Eternal
14 The Destruction Of All That, That Was, And That Ever Could Be
15 Finale - Destroyer Of Worlds
16 The Extinction