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Susperia - We Are The Ones

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Image of Susperia - We Are The Ones
  • Image of Susperia - We Are The Ones

We Are The Ones - DIGIpack

Here it is, the much anticipated and talked about anniversary album, celebrating 10 years of album releases, released on the once in a lifetime special date 11.11.11.
This album marks 10 years of releases, and at the same time a nice end of a circle where Mustis (ex-Dimmu Borgir), who participated on Susperias first demo in 1999, now returns after 12 years to once again put his magical touch on new, as well as old songs. A very fruitful cooperation which now has led to some fantastic re-recordings of some very popular, classic songs, now in complete symphonic versions.

A brand new song has been recorded, with a massive orchestral theme. The contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest is of course featured. And to round up a celebratory album of this magnitude the right way, here it is finally, the entire infamous demo recording from 1999; "Illusions Of Evil" ! Remastered and officially released for the very first time.

Øyvind "Mustis" Mustaparta has been a guest musician in the band for a period of 6 months, and the result of this junction is finally ready. Really just a huge celebration of the long-time brotherhood of the band, and an even bigger thank you to the devoted fans worldwide.

Tracklist "WE ARE THE ONES" :

1. We are the Ones - New song composed with Mustis 2011
2. Devil May Care (Orchestral version 2011) - Originally from "Unlimited" 2004
3. The Bitter Man (Orchestral version 2011) - Originally from "Vindication" 2002
4. Cut From Stone (Orchestral version 2011) - Originally from "Cut From Stone" 2007
5. Nothing Remains - Eurovision Song Contest contribution 2011

The 1999 "Illusions Of Evil" Demo remastered:
6. The Hellchild (DEMO version 1999) - Re-recorded on "Predominance" 2001
7. Illusions Of Evil (DEMO version 1999) - Re-recorded on "Predominance"
8. Of Hate We Breed (DEMO version 1999) - Re-recorded on "Predominance"
9. The Coming Of a Darker Time (DEMO version 1999) - Re-recorded on "Predominance"
10. Behind Consecrated Walls (DEMO version 1999) - Only previously released in studio album version in South Korea 2001 as bonus track on "Predominance"